Expertise, consulting with businesses on sustainability and the health security of their employees...

    Reico Environmental is a leading consultancy based in the UK, serving businesses across Europe with advice for business leaders on how to create a more sustainable infrastructure as well as a safe environment for their employees. 

    Our expertise crosses the realms of renewable technology, energy reduction/savings, clean working environments, through to many new and innovative solutions to help businesses improve social responsibility to their staff, and built environment. 

    We also focus on advising the latest government incentives that are provided to businesses in the form of grants and incentives to reduce their carbon footprint, creating a collective of tailormade comprehensive solutions that utilise the very latest in environmental technologies.




    What we do...

    We offer a diverse range of services and technology that reduces the impact on the environment, as well as ensuring safe working environments for people.

    Renewable Technology

    Renewable Technology Incentives for businesses to invest, reduce costs and become more sustainable.

    Emissions Technology

    A wet cell Hydrogen generator that channels HHO gas to reduce carbon for a cleaner burn and less fuel consumption.

    Air Purification

    With recent events, air purification is an important investment for business owners to protect their interests.