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    Medical grade air purification to fight Covid-19

    AXP 1200

    AXP 1400

    AXP 200

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    AXP 800

    Concept & Development

    AirXPro Began Development in Oct 2019
    We wanted the Ultimate Air Purifier bar none
    Highest Possible Specification & Components of any Air Purifier available in Todays Markets
    H13 Medical Spec HEPA –7 Layer Cartridge Filter System –UV-C Lamps for Sterilisation -2 Huge Negative ION Generators producing over 24 Million Negative IONs Every Second
    March 2020 AirXPro Medical Grade Air Purifiers put into Production to Fight Covid-19

    Range & Options

    5 Models in UK Range
    5 Years Limited Warranty –web site for info
    All Wall Mountable out of the Box
    Wall Mounting Template Printed on Carton
    Optional Silver Glass Bases Larger Models
    AXP-1200 & AXP-1600 Require Base for Floor Standing Option
    Filters Revenue Stream at least 5 years


    Super Slim 12cm depth
    Silver and Anthracite Metallic Paint Finish
    High Gloss Acrylic Easy Clean Front Panel
    Minimalist Footprint Space Saving Design
    Manufactured with Close Fitting Seams for better Air Handling Integrity

    PM –Particulate Matter

    H13 HEPA Filters PM1.0 Medical Grade
    HEPA Filters come in very different types
    H11 is PM2.5 Guaranteed
    H13 is PM1.0 Guaranteed
    Big Differences in HEPA Filter System
    Most Air Purifiers are H11 only PM2.5
    UV-C To Sterilise and Kill Bacteria
    Nothing to compare with our spec in UK

    WiFi Connectivity

    TUYA Mobile APP
    Smart Life APP
    World Class Smart Home Leader
    Easy Management
    Security –Administrator
    Central Building Management
    Filter Renewal Countdown Timer Info.

    Tests & Certification

    Full Certification from Government Audited Laboratory
    Viruses including H1N1 Swine Flu 99.97%
    Bacteria 99.66%
    Formaldehyde type chemical vapour 99.3%
    PM 2.5 Particulate Matter 99.87%

    2 Massive Negative ION Generators

    Over 24 Million Negative IONs per second
    IONs (atoms) are statically / magnetically attracted at high speed to all positive IONs in the air.
    Any airborne Viruses or Bacteria will have their DNA structure destroyed as they are bombarded at high speed with negatively charged IONs
    This renders the Virus neutralised and no longer dangerous to breathe in or touch

    Patented Technology

    The Multiple Fan Design of the AirX Pro is Patented
    This design uses less power -8w per fan
    Ensures the Filters Remain Flat
    Does not let particulates through edges
    Keeps an even suction across the Entire Filter Surface, 100% Filtered Air.
    DC Brushless Motors for Longer Life

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