Green Energy Solutions –  Solar PPA

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a solution provided by our partners, which enables businesses and organisations across all sectors to make the switch to low-cost, clean renewable energy, without any initial capital expenditure and with the benefit of having the system maintained for the full term.

    Instead of buying 100% of your energy from a traditional grid-connected supplier, you can generate your own clean energy by way of a solar PV system situated on your own premises. Installing Solar PV cuts energy costs and greatly reduces your carbon emissions. The installation of clean renewable technology is future-proof against ever-changing government legislation and future charges on carbon reduction in the commercial sector.

    Benefits of Solar PPA

    • No upfront costs to your business – you benefit from reduced electricity rates, saving money on your bills and protecting against rising and volatile prices. We will review your electricity bills and calculate the savings you will make.

    • Only pay for the electricity that your system produces in the month. A significant benefit to a commercial operation, that the electricity is being purchased at a cheaper rate than from a traditional grid-connected supplier. Solar is only provided during daylight hours and in some cases, you may still rely on the grid to provide some of your energy.

    • Our partners will design and install the equipment with zero upfront cost to you and your business. They will also monitor and maintain the system for the complete term of the agreement.

    • Your organisation’s green credentials and CSR will be significantly enhanced following installation.

    How does a Solar PPA work?

    Our PPA term is typically 25 years

    No planning permission is required. All licences and permits will be secured by Green Energi.

    Green Energi will complete a structural survey to ensure the roof’s integrity is suitable for a Solar PV installation.

    We will insure the system at no cost to you. This covers storm damage, fire, theft and vandalism.

    The price of electricity is fixed and will increase annually at the rate of the retail price index (RPI) instead of increases of 5-7% per annum stated by Ofgem in a recent report.

    You will only pay for the electricity generated and used by the system we fit.

    Invoicing and payments will take place monthly, and Green Energi will provide monthly reports based on performance data.

    At the end of the term, the system will be gifted to you. This means that you will be able to benefit from the power generated at zero cost.

    Fully funded energy solutions for all types of organisations

    Ortus Energy specialises in distributed energy projects, saving our clients money on their bills and creating energy security.

    We reduce electricity bills for:

    • Businesses
    • Local authorities
    • Hospitals
    • Educational establishments
    • Places of worship
    • and more…


    Ortus Energy a specialist renewable energy development and investment company, part of the Integrum Power group and backed by international renewable energy private equity investors.


    Installation and maintenance

    Our professional and knowledgeable team have many years of experience in the solar energy sector. We are specialists in the design and installation as well as the maintenance of the solar panels.

    The installation process is efficient and will cause minimal disruption to your business. Our skilled professionals can deal with large-scale commercial projects as well as more unique or listed buildings. Our team will offer you a bespoke service to suit your business and ensure the solar panels are fitted in a sympathetic manner to work with your building and to optimise the solar panels energy production.


    Solar Panels require a minimal amount of maintenance however, we provide full maintenance for the life span of your power purchase agreement. This ensures your solar panels are always in full working order and you do not have to worry about energy shortages. We will also replace your solar panels where necessary to ensure optimal performance and annual savings on your energy.

    Get in touch with us today. We are always happy to discuss your solar requirements.